5-Part Employee Ownership Free Webinar Series

NOTE: I have been sending these emails open on the cc: line to encourage communication and engagement so we all know who is participating so far in the CSA (Cooperation Syracuse Alliance).  If you would prefer to have your email on the bcc: line please just let me know.

I’m excited to announce the Pathways To Ownership webinar series that I have organized and am facilitating through my position at the Onondaga SBDC.  Visit the webpage for registration links – http://www.onondagasbdc.org/pathways-to-ownership.html
I’m potentially interested in listening parties for a group webinar experience, where we gather together as a group, participate in the webinar, and then have a small group in-person discussion immediately following.  Any partners out there who would host at your site?   Aside from that, I hope you will all share the series and registration link with your networks.  Education is always stage one with growing the cooperative business and solidarity economy ecosystem as we have to learn and relearn these concepts together in many cases, and ensure we all have a strong and correct baseline of understanding of the concepts to work together from.
Sincerely ~ Frank

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